zsh: command not found: mvn

zsh: command not found: mvn

If you get a "zsh: command not found: mvn" error, it means that the mvn command is not available in your PATH environment variable. This can happen if Apache Maven is not installed on your system, or if it is installed but the mvn command is not added to your PATH variable.

To fix this error, you can try the following steps:

  1. Check if Apache Maven is installed on your system by running the mvn -v command. This should print the version of Maven installed on your system, if it is installed.

  2. If Maven is not installed, you can install it by following the instructions on the Apache Maven website.

  3. If Maven is installed, but the mvn command is not available in your PATH variable, you can add it to your PATH variable by following these steps:

    1. Open your ~/.zshrc file in a text editor.

    2. Add the following line to the file, replacing <maven-install-dir> with the directory where Maven is installed: export PATH="<maven-install-dir>/bin:$PATH"

    3. Save the ~/.zshrc file and run the source ~/.zshrc command to reload the file and update your PATH variable.

After following these steps, you should be able to run the mvn command without getting the "zsh: command not found: mvn" error.


What is mvn?

Maven, or Apache Maven, is a build automation tool for Java-based projects. It is used to manage a project's build, dependencies, and documentation. Maven uses a declarative approach, where the user specifies the desired result, and Maven figures out the steps needed to reach that result. Maven uses a standard directory layout and a default build lifecycle, so users can easily understand and extend the build process. It also provides a central repository of project dependencies, making it easy to manage and share dependencies across projects. The 'mvn' command is the command-line interface to Maven. It is used to run Maven commands and manage Maven projects. For example, you can use the 'mvn compile' command to compile the source code of a Maven project, or the 'mvn package' command to package the compiled code into a JAR file.