3 Methods to find a Kahoot game PIN

What is the Kahoot game PIN in 2023?

What is a Kahoot Game PIN?

The game PIN serves as a unique identifier for each game session. It allows players to join a specific game using the PIN provided by the host.

Methods to Find a Kahoot Game PIN

Method 1: In-Game Lobby

During a live game, the game PIN is prominently displayed at the top of the game's lobby. If you can see the host's screen, simply look for the game PIN there. Once you have the game PIN, you can proceed to join the game using the provided code.

Method 2: Receiving from the Host

To join a game as a player, you need to receive the game PIN directly from the host. The host has the responsibility of providing the game PIN to the participants. Once you receive the game PIN, enter it on the official Kahoot website or through the mobile app to join the game seamlessly.

Method 3: Searching Online

Another method to find a Kahoot game PIN is by searching online. Various websites, such as GGRecon, compile lists of available Kahoot game PINs. These lists may include both active and expired game PINs. It's worth noting that while these lists can be a potential source of working game PINs, they may not always be reliable or up-to-date. Exercise caution and verify the accuracy before using any game PIN obtained from online sources.

You can either look for the game PIN in the in-game lobby if you can see the host's screen, receive it directly from the host, or search for active game PINs online. However, it's crucial to exercise caution when relying on online lists, as their reliability and currency are not always guaranteed. By following these methods, you'll be able to join Kahoot game sessions easily and enjoy the interactive learning experience it offers.

Enter Kahoot Game PIN here

If you are looking the website to enter the PIN to enter the game here is the link:


Good luck and enjoy your game!


Kahoot's official website: https://kahoot.com/ - This website provides a comprehensive overview of the Kahoot platform, including how to use the Kahoot PIN.

Kahoot Help Center: https://support.kahoot.com/ - This website provides a wealth of information on using Kahoot, including information on the Kahoot PIN and how to use it effectively.

Kahoot News: https://kahoot.com/news/ - Lates news About Kahoot.

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