Download Aniyomi and Best Extensions to Watch Movies for Free (Latest)

Aniyomi is an unofficial fork of the free and open-source manga reader Tachiyomi that adds anime capabilities! For Android 6.0 and above.

aniyomi app android

Aniyomi app features

  • Watching anime from¬†numerous places using Aniyomi extensions

  • Everything you know and love about Tachiyomi:

  • Different sources provide online reading material.

  • Reading downloaded content locally.

  • A reader that can be customised with multiple viewers, reading directions, and other settings.

  • Support different trackers:¬†MyAnimeList,¬†AniList,¬†Kitsu,¬†MangaUpdates,¬†Shikimori, and¬†Bangumi

  • Organize your library with categories

  • Light and dark themes

  • Update your library's schedule for new chapters.

  • Save copies of your data locally to access it offline or on your preferred cloud service.

Best extensions for Aniyomi

There are plenty of good extensions for Aniyomi. Here are just several I've tried and I liked it:


With this extension you can download and watch some latest movies

AllMoviesAllMoviesHouse of the DragonHouse of the DragonSflix

Similar to AllMovies this extension gives you the way to watch latest movies for free.

Aniyomi GitHub

Link to the Aniyomi GitHub repository:

Download the latest release of the app

You have two options:

Discord channel:

Official website:


Is Aniyomi better than Tachiyomi?

Aniyomi is an unofficial fork than adds anime capabilities, so we can say it is better if you are looking for the app to watch anime.

What is Aniyomi app?

Aniyomi is application for Android to watch anime from different sources.

Is Tachiyomi open source

Yes, Tachiyomi is an open source application. You can download the code from official repository on GitHub.

Is there anything better that Tachiyomi?

Some people think that Aniyomi is better than Tachiyomi because it adds anime capabilities.

How do I watch anime on Aniyomi?

You need to choose the extensions which will add anime to your list. Then you can select anime you like and watch it.

Where do I watch free anime?

You can download Aniyomi app and choose any anime to watch for free.

I there a PC version of Tachiyomi?

Tachiyomi doesn't have a version for PC.