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Aniyomi - Download Latest Unofficial Tachiyomi for Anime

Aniyomi is an unofficial fork of the free and open-source manga readerĀ TachiyomiĀ that adds anime capabilities! For Android 6.0 and above.

aniyomi app android

Aniyomi app features

  • Watching anime fromĀ numerous places using Aniyomi extensions

  • Everything you know and love about Tachiyomi:

  • Different sources provide online reading material.

  • Reading downloaded content locally.

  • A reader that can be customised with multiple viewers, reading directions, and other settings.

  • Support different trackers:Ā MyAnimeList,Ā AniList,Ā Kitsu,Ā MangaUpdates,Ā Shikimori, andĀ Bangumi

  • Organize your library with categories

  • Light and dark themes

  • Update your library's schedule for new chapters.

  • Save copies of your data locally to access it offline or on your preferred cloud service.

Download the latest release of the app

You have two options:

Discord channel: https://discord.gg/F32UjdJZrR

Official website: https://aniyomi.jmir.xyz