Micro frontends pros and cons in 2023

Micro frontends pros and cons in 2023

Before you decide if Micro frontend is the right solution, it is good to see both sides, the good and the hard.

Let me point it out based on my experience.


  • Teams can work on different modules and deploy it separately

  • We can test modules in full isolation

  • MFE lead you to structure your application and its modules in the best way for distributed teams

  • MFE becoming the saviour if you want to support different themes across many apps

Cons or disadvantages of micro frontends

  • Application becomes more complex

  • You must review your common dependencies and avoid using different versions in parent-in-child apps

  • Responsibility for Micro Frontend modules is not clear between teams

  • E2E testing is challenging task

  • MFE deployments can't work without knowing your MFEs domains in advance.

  • Routing requires more attention, especially if you are using SSR

If you think that Micro frontend architecture is still worth it, you should learn how to plan it correctly. This article about MFE architecture might help you to do it.

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Ruslan Osipov
Written by author: Ruslan Osipov