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Laravel Nova 4 (new release)

Laravel Nova 4 is a Laravel admin panel developed by Taylor Otwell, creator of the famous PHP framework Laravel.

It is designed to be a first-class tool for building your admin panel or client portal.

New in Laravel Nova 4.0

The new version of Laravel Nova has been built with Inertia.js - the modern layer using a new approach to building server-driven SPA.

Dependencies have been changed.

Currently, the server-side's minimum PHP version is PHP7.3+ and Laravel Framework 8.0+.

Several packages have also been updated:

  • doctrine/dbal

  • laravel/ui

  • symfony/*

  • cakephp/chronos

On the client-side, flatpickr and moment.js libraries have been removed

When you decide to update your Laravel Nova from version 3+ to 4, you must follow the official website instructions.


What is Laravel Nova

Nova is a beautifully-designed administration panel for Laravel. Carefully crafted by the creators of Laravel, Nova is designed to make you the most productive developer in the galaxy.

Why use Laravel Nova?

It's a fast, easily configurable and extendable admin panel with good documentation and an amazing community.

Should I upgrade to Nova 4?

It's entirely up to you. If you want to support creators and don't use 3rd party packages that require the upgrade or your additional packages already support version 4, then go for it.

How to hide Laravel nova filter

You can register a filter for each resource individually by adding them to the `filters` method in the Resource class. If you want to hide a filter for some type of user you can add a condition based on the user's role for example

How does Laravel nova name resources

By default, you should use the same name for your resource as the Class name your help represents. But You can name it however you want if you define your model class in $model static property.

How to check Laravel Nova version

First, you can check the Laravel Nova version in the composer.json file in the `require` section. Check `laravel/nova` package. To check the actual installed version you can look at the `version` field in the `vendor/laravel/nova/composer.json` file. Finally, you can log in to your Laravel Nova admin and look at the bottom of any page for the version number in the footer.

How to import Nova tool class Laravel

You can register your Tools in NovaServiceProvider class under the `tools` method.

How to get current logged in user Laravel Nova

You can get the user from the $request variable ($request->user()) in those methods of your resource class that provide it.

How to update Laravel nova

You can run `composer update` command in your project directory. After updating to a new Nova release, you should be sure to update Nova's JavaScript and CSS assets using `php artisan nova:publish` and clear any cached views with `php artisan view:clear` command. This will ensure the newly-updated Nova version is using the latest versions.

What Laravel nova alternative

The closest alternatives for Laravel Nova are Backpack for Laravel and Filament PHP built with Laravel Livewire.