Diffusion Bee Models Update - Stable Diffusion desktop application

If you are the lucky owner of M1 or M2 Mac you will be thrilled to have this application on your machine.

Diffusion Bee

Diffusion Bee is an application that you can run on your local machine and start generating crazy images using the Stable Diffusion algorithm.

How to install

  • Download the latest release from here

  • Install it to your applications

  • Open the application

  • Download the models (will start automatically)

  • Enter the text prompt and wait for results.

  • Save the image if you like it.

    Here is result for prompt:

    A painting of Oblivion Reef trending on artstation in the style of Greg Rutkowski

Prompt ideas

Here you can find some prompt ideas:

Other solutions

The quality of the images is not ideal, but it is good enough for simple cases.

If you want something more interesting you should have a look at this:


Dall-e 2 from Open AI

Good luck with your generations!

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Ruslan Osipov
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