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What is Uukanshu.com website about?

What is Uukanshu.com website about?

Key Takeaways

  • Uukanshu.com is a Chinese entertainment website that provides free access to full-text novels, comics, and other literary content.

  • The site was registered in 2012 and has grown rapidly in popularity, now ranking in the top 10,000 websites globally.

  • Uukanshu's audience is primarily from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other Chinese-speaking regions. Daily traffic exceeds 200,000 visits.

  • The site generates revenue mainly through display advertising. Estimated annual earnings are around $500,000 USD.

  • Content is focused on fantasy, romance, urban and gaming-related novels. The site claims to have no pop-up ads or windows.


Uukanshu.com is a Chinese entertainment site offering free access to full-length novels, comics, and other literary content. The site was registered in October 2012 under private domain registration.

Uukanshu has grown rapidly in popularity over the past decade and now ranks around # 8,500 globally and # 22,000 in the US, according to Alexa data. The site receives over 200,000 daily visits, primarily from Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Chinese-speaking regions.

Estimated annual revenue is approximately $500,000 USD, generated mainly through display advertising.

Content and Audience

Uukanshu focuses on providing Chinese language fantasy, romance, urban life and gaming-related novels. Popular content includes fantasy epics, CEO romance stories, and novels based on online games.

The target audience skews young and male based on the content categories. 58% of visitors come from Taiwan, with Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore representing other major traffic sources.

The site claims to provide an ad-free reading experience with no pop-up windows. However, display ads are present on the site.

Technical Profile

Uukanshu is built on ASP.NET and runs on IIS servers located in the US. Page load times are relatively fast compared to competitors.

The domain will expire in October 2024 having been registered for over 10 years. Uukanshu uses Cloudflare services for DNS management and security.

In summary, Uukanshu.com provides a popular platform for Chinese language novels and comics. The site generates solid revenue given the large visitor base, primarily consisting of young Chinese readers. Technical operations appear stable based on the long-standing domain registration, fast page loads and use of Cloudflare services. Uukanshu looks well positioned to continue growing as a niche entertainment site.


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What is Uukanshu.com?

Uukanshu is a website that offers a wide array of novels for readers to enjoy.

What genres of novels can I find on Uukanshu.com?

You can find different genres of novels including fantasy, romance, and urban fiction.

Is Uukanshu.com a reliable website?

Uukanshu has a trustworthiness score of 60/100 according to Web of Trust (WOT) and is not detected by any blocklist engine, suggesting it is safe to use.

Is Uukanshu.com involved in malware or spam activity?

No, Uukanshu.com is not involved in malware or spam activity.

How popular is Uukanshu.com?

Uukanshu.com enjoys good traffic volume and is ranked #14,856 on millions of other sites.

Does Uukanshu.com use a secure connection?

Yes, Uukanshu.com uses a valid HTTPS connection to ensure user safety and privacy.

What is Qidian?

Qidian is another platform offering a wide collection of web novels.

What does Wuxiaworld specialize in?

Wuxiaworld specializes in Chinese fantasy novels.

What is Novel Updates?

Novel Updates is a directory of translated novels.

What can users do on Uukanshu.com?

Users can read a wide variety of novels and access raw versions for machine translation.

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