How to Put Tesla in Neutral

How to Put Tesla in Neutral

At Tesla, they pride themselves on making intuitive and easy-to-use cars. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to put your Tesla in neutral and provide some additional information you may find useful.

Why Would You Need to Put Your Tesla in Neutral?

Before we start, let's understand why you may need to neutralise your Tesla. There are a few reasons why you may need to do this:

  • Towing: If your Tesla needs to be towed, you must put it in neutral.

  • Car wash: Some car washes require putting your car in neutral to go through the wash.

  • Emergency situation: In rare cases, you may need to put your car in neutral in an emergency situation.

Now that we understand why you may need to put your Tesla in neutral let's start.

Steps to put Tesla in Neutral

Model S and Model X before 2021

In these models, Neutral is between Drive and Reverse, so you need to press the gear stalk up if you're in Drive or Down if you're in Reverse.

Model S & Model X from 2021

As you might know, there is no gear stalk on the 2021+ Model S and Model X, so you need to tap the car icon to go to Controls, find the Neutral button and then tap and hold it.

Model Y and Model 3

To shift into Neutral, you need to push up on the gear stalk the same as you do to shift into Drive, but also hold it up for one second. After you see it shift into neutral, you can let gear stalk go.

Shift Out of Neutral

To shift out of Neutral and into Drive or Reverse, you just need to press the brake pedal first then shift into Drive or Reverse. You have to press the brake pedal only if you're going slower than 5 MPH.

Additional Information

It's important to note that when your Tesla is in neutral, it will not regen brake. This means that if you're going downhill, you'll need to use the brake pedal to slow down.

Additionally, if you put your Tesla in neutral while driving, the car will enter 'coast' mode. This means that the car will continue to move forward, but it will not accelerate or regen brake.

If you want to leave the car while the car is still in Neutral mode, it's the same as leaving while not in Park. The car will automatically shift out of Neutral and into Park mode.


Putting your Tesla in neutral is a simple process that can be useful in various situations. Always press the brake pedal before changing gears and use caution when towing your vehicle. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please get in touch with Tesla support.



Ruslan Osipov
Written by author: Ruslan Osipov