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Butterflight: The Next Generation of Drone Technology

Butterflight: The Next Generation of Drone Technology

Are you in search of the latest drone technology? Look no further than Butterflight, the new flight controller firmware that is changing the game in the drone industry. In this article, we explore what Butterflight is and how it compares to other popular firmware options on the market.

What is Butterflight?

What makes Butterflight different from Cleanflight?

Butterflight is a fork of the popular Cleanflight firmware, created by Zacari of New Zealand. It aims to improve upon Cleanflight's performance, with a focus on reducing noise and vibration in flight. In addition, Butterflight offers a musical twist with custom Butterflight lyrics included in each release.

How do I get started with Butterflight?

To use Butterflight, you'll need to flash it onto your drone's flight controller. You can download the latest release from the official Butterflight website. Be sure to enable support for your specific flight controller model.

What are the advantages of using Butterflight over other firmware options?

Butterflight offers improved performance over other firmware options, with better noise reduction and vibration reduction features. It also tends to run smoother and faster in flight. Additionally, the Butterflight community is constantly developing new features and updates that make it stand out from other firmware options on the market.

Can I switch to Butterflight from another firmware?

Yes, switching to Butterflight from another firmware is possible, but it may take some knowledge and time to make the transition. Be sure to check with the Butterflight community for advice and support when making the switch.

Is Butterflight suitable for beginners?

While Butterflight may seem intimidating to beginners, it offers many advantages for those willing to learn. It is a great option for those looking to improve their drone's flight performance and customization options. However, it is important to have a basic understanding of firmware and flight controllers before diving into Butterflight.

Where can I learn more about Butterflight?

How can I check if my flight controller is compatible with Butterflight?

Before you start, be sure to check the Butterflight website for a list of compatible flight controllers. If your controller is not on the list, it may not be compatible with Butterflight.

Where can I find reviews of Butterflight?

There are many online resources for reading reviews of Butterflight, including drone forums and YouTube channels. Be sure to check out the Butterflight subreddit for reviews and discussions from the community.

Where can I buy a Butterflight-enabled drone?

Butterflight-enabled drones can be purchased from many online retailers. Be sure to look for the Butterflight logo or ask the seller if the drone is equipped with Butterflight firmware.

What if I have issues with Butterflight?

If you're experiencing issues with Butterflight, the best place to start is by checking the official Butterflight support page. You can also seek help from the Butterflight community on forums or social media platforms.


If you're looking for the ultimate in drone performance and customization, look no further than Butterflight. With its unique features and constantly evolving community, Butterflight will surely provide the value and outside-of-the-box thinking that innovative drone enthusiasts crave.

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