Donovan Park Invercargill

Donovan Park is a suburb of Invercargill, New Zealand. It is located between the city centre and West Belt. It has also been referred to as Maniototo or Upper Green. Donovan Park was named after Henry Donovan, the first Surveyor General of New Zealand, in 1855.

The suburb is surrounded by greenbelts and parks, which makes it a popular place for those keen on outdoor activities. There are numerous playgrounds available in the area for children to play at during their free time. With regards to schools in this suburb, there are two primary schools: Donovan Park Primary School and Otumoetai College.

Two secondary schools are also available: Knox High School and St Joseph's College. These educational institutes provide education from Kindergarten to Year 13 (i.e., leaving age).

History of Donovan Park, New Zealand

Donovan Park was first settled in 1857. It originally consisted of just four houses and was called Pine Hill. The name of the suburb was changed to Donovan Park when it became a town in 1864. In 1925, the area around Donovan Park, which is now known as West Belt, was set up with separate residential areas and industrial zones. In 1964, the New Zealand Government decided to build the Te Hapara nuclear power plant, which is located near the north-western part of this suburb.

Donovan Park has been viewed as a low-income area for some time now but there are efforts being made to change that view. For example, there is one primary school here that is designated for students who live in this suburb as well as a secondary school for those who want to attend it regardless of their residence (i.e., if they are not from this suburb).

There has also been an effort made by the residents of Donovan Park to improve their quality of life by creating different parks and recreational areas such as Meremere Wetland Reserve and Miranda's Marsh Reserve.

Demographics of Donovan Park, New Zealand

According to the 2013 Census, Donovan Park has a population of 9,838 people. This makes it one of the larger suburbs in Invercargill. There are also 28 children who live in this suburb under the age of 5, which is close to the average number for New Zealand as a whole.

Donovan Park has a male-to-female ratio of 49:51 and an ethnic diversity rate of 40 percent. The largest ethnicity groups are European (53 percent), Māori (11 percent), Pacific Peoples (7 percent), Asian or Asian descent (7 percent) and Middle Eastern (1 percent).

Roads and transport in Donovan Park, Invercargill

The suburb is serviced by a number of roads including the Invercargill-Winton Highway. There are also two railway stations located in Donovan Park: Wallaceville and Wallaceville North. Donovan Park is serviced by public transport, which includes bus routes as well as taxis. Additionally, there is also a train station located close to this suburb.

There are many parks in Donovan Park with greenbelts surrounding them; these include Brooklands, Te Puke Domain, and Te Maunga o Otari. These parks offer recreational activities for all people of all ages.

Don'ts while living in Donovan Park, Invercargill

Thinking about moving to Donovan Park? Well, one thing you should know before making the move is that there are a few things you should avoid while living in this area. Firstly, there is no airport nearby; you will need to travel to Invercargill Airport if you want to leave the suburb.

Another thing you should avoid doing is hunting; it has been banned in all national parks and reserves around New Zealand. As for the weather, Donovan Park experiences mild winters and warm summers with an average temperature of 20° Celsius (68° Fahrenheit). Donovan Park is home to many different artists and artisans who sell their wares on the street or at their workshops.

These artisans make jewellery, woodwork, leather goods, pottery and much more. The area also has a few shopping centres available for those looking for some retail therapy: SuperValue Plaza Invercargill, South City Mall, Harvey Norman Centre - Invercargill.

It's important to note that Donovan Park residents have access to either bus or train transport options which help them reach Invercargill City centre as well as various other locations within the city such as Stadium Southland Stadium and Invercargill Airport easily.

Do's while living in Donovan Park, Invercargill

  • Buy a house in Donovan Park; the suburb is popular for its nearby greenbelts and parks, which makes it a perfect place to live.

  • If you can't afford a private school, search for one close by in order to provide your child with an education.

  • Join the local sports club; there are numerous teams and leagues provided in this area that cater to different age groups.

  • Don't miss out on the numerous playgrounds available in Donovan Park; they are great places to release some energy during breaks.

Donovan Park is a small community in Invercargill, New Zealand. It is the home of people of many different backgrounds. If you are thinking of moving to Donovan Park, you should learn about the history of the area, the demographics, and the best and worst things to do while living in Donovan Park.

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