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Among Us

Unblocked Among Us - Fan Game - Play Online For Free

Unblocked Among Us - Fan Game - Play Online For Free is browser-based game and perfect for teenagers. It's entertaining, with no downloads needed. It won't block other programs, making it ideal for any computers. It's easy to play and it's free.

Unblocked Among Us Online Game - Play For Free
Unblocked Among Us Online Game - Play For Free

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The Unblocked Among Us Online Game has become an incredibly popular social deduction game that has taken the online gaming community by storm, having won the Best Multiplayer Game and Best Mobile Game awards at The Game Awards 2020. If you haven't played it yet, you're missing out on the chance to experience an unblocked action game of teamwork and betrayal.

In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about playing Among Us, including how to play, how to win, and how to play unblocked Among Us online for free!

What is Among Us?

Among Us is an online unblocked multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth. It combines elements of deception, deduction, and teamwork, making it a strategy game where players take on the roles of Crewmates and Impostors, aboard a spaceship and need to employ tactics and logical reasoning to succeed. 

The main objective of the Crewmates is to identify and eliminate the Impostors among the crew before they sabotage the ship and kill everyone.

The main objective of the Impostors is to kill the Crewmates and sabotage the ship without getting caught.

The game is available on both PC and mobile devices, including iOS and Android and can also be played online in a browser. It can be played with 4 to 10 players and has different game modes, such as Freeplay, Local, Online, and Private games. It also has different maps, including The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus.

The game has gained wide popularity because of its unique gameplay and social interaction. The game requires the players to communicate and work together to identify suspicious behaviors, which adds a lot of excitement to the game.

How to Play Among Us Online

You can either playing Among Us by downloading the game from Google Play or the App Store on your device. Alternatively, you can play the game in a browser on the unblocked game websites.

To start the game, players need to join a server, create a new game, or join an existing one.

Once the game starts, players are randomly assigned roles as either Crewmates or Impostors.

The Crewmates' task is to complete all their tasks on the ship before leaving for a new destination, whereas the Impostors' main objective is to eliminate all the Crewmates and sabotage the ship.

Playing as Impostor

When playing as an Impostor in Among Us, you have to pretend to be a Crewmate and work your way through the game without getting caught. The main objective of the Impostors is to eliminate the Crewmates and sabotage the ship's systems.

The Impostors have access to a kill button, which they can use to eliminate the Crewmates without getting caught. Impostors can also sabotage the ship by closing doors, turning off lights, and causing other in-game distractions.

While playing as an Among Us character Imposter, the key to is to be careful and hide your identity. You can also blame other players and make them the suspects, which will help you stay hidden. Once you've eliminated enough Crewmates, you will win the game.

Playing as Crewmate

If you're playing as a Crewmate, your job is to identify and eliminate the Impostors before they sabotage the ship or kill everyone.

Crewmates have a list of tasks they need to complete before the ship departs for a new destination. Tasks include fixing wires, diverting power, and scanning their ID.

To identify the Impostors, the Crewmates must be suspicious of their fellow players' behavior and movements. They can also report dead bodies and call emergency meetings to discuss the game's progress.

During meetings, players can vote to eject someone who they suspect of being an Impostor.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Playing Among Us Online can be challenging, especially if you're new to the game. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started:

  • Be careful when moving around the ship. Impostors can use vents to move around quickly, so keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior.
  • Complete your tasks as quickly as possible.
  • Observe other players' movements and behavior and look for anything suspicious.
  • You can use emergency meetings to discuss suspicious behavior.
  • If someone reports a dead body, pay attention to their behavior and movements to detect any suspicious behavior.
  • If someone accuses you of being an Impostor, try to convince them otherwise.
  • Watch out for players who are trying to distract you or sabotage the game.

Unblocked Among Us Online

Unblocked Among Us Online refers to a version of the game that can be played without any restrictions. These restrictions can sometimes include firewalls, schools, and other forms of screening that are optimized to keep users away from online games.

To play unblocked Among Us online for free, you can go to RUSLAN.ROCKS which offers unblocked games to play from anywhere in the world. 

Playing unblocked Among Us can be safe if you're using a reliable website, but you should always be careful when visiting unknown websites, especially downloading files online. Always use antivirus software and be cautious when entering personal information to avoid online fraud and scams.


Unblocked Among Us Online Game is an incredibly popular game that has taken the online gaming community by storm, and for good reason. It is a social deduction game that requires players to communicate and work together to identify suspicious behaviors.

Playing unblocked Among Us online provides an excellent way to experience the game without any restrictions, and it allows you to play the game for free. So, start playing now and find out who among your Crewmates is the Impostor!


What is Among Us game?

Among Us is an action game where players are assigned roles on a spaceship for departure. The objective is to prevent the alien imposter(s) from killing all the starship's crew one by one, while trying to identify them and vote them off. The game can be played online with 4-15 players using local wifi or with strangers.

Can I play Among Us game online for free?

Yes, RUSLAN.ROCKS offers an unblocked Among Us game that can be played online for free. You can play the game without the need to worry about downloads, installations or cheats.

How do I play Among Us online?

To play Among Us online, you need to launch the game in your browser using RUSLAN.ROCKS. The interface is easy to use and you can customize your settings, control the gameplay, use the joystick or mouse and chat with other players during the game.

Is the use of cookies necessary to play Among Us online?

Yes, cookies are used by the website to collect data and prevent cheating. However, you can prevent the website from using cookies by customizing your browser settings.

Do I need to download or install anything to play Among Us online?

No, you can play Among Us online without any downloads or installations, go to RUSLAN.ROCKS and start playing.

Is there a single player version of Among Us game?

No, Among Us game is designed for multiplayer mode and there is no single-player version available.

What are the game features similar to Among Us?

Games with similar features as among Us include Town of Salem, Deceit, Secret Hitler, and Project Winter. These games satisfy the need for deception and seek mode gameplay similar to Among Us.

Who is the creator of Among Us game?

Among Us game was created by InnerSloth and the lead developer is Forest Willard. Kevin and Marcus Bromander are other members of the development team.

How do I prevent cheating during the game?

Cheating can be prevented by playing the game with trusted players or by playing with strangers who are more likely to follow the rules. You can also report any suspicious or unfair behavior to the game moderators.

What is the departure list?

The departure list is the section within the game where players can see who has been voted off or who has departed the spaceship due to death or disconnection.

Is Among Us ok for 8 year olds?

The age recommendation for the Among Us game is 7+ years.

Is Among Us safe for 7 year olds?

The age recommendation for the Among Us game is 7+ years.