- Browser Platform To Create Interactive 3D Rooms is a unique digital creativity platform that allows users to design 3D spaces or "rooms" using a browser-based tool. The platform, a project of a team of ex-Googlers and backed by $10 million in seed funding led by a16z, aims to simplify the process of 3D model creation, which was found to be overly complex.

A Middle Ground for 3D Design

The concept behind is to provide a medium between simple creation tools like Minecraft and advanced world-building platforms like Roblox. The creators of the platform describe it as the "digital equivalent of LEGO," where designing with 3D models is straightforward, and the building unit isn't a single block but fully formed objects such as a door, a sofa, a table, or any object you can imagine.

Users can search for, edit, and then add a fully formed object to their space. The platform's interface allows users to change an object's attributes and functionality, like its color, size, position, style, or the action it performs when clicked.

Inspired by Past Work and LEGO was inspired by the founders' past experiences at Google, Vine, Meta, and other tech companies. Co-founder Jason Toff, who previously worked at Google and Vine, was inspired to create something more accessible after trying to learn how to make 3D models himself. His experience with Minecraft also influenced the design of, with the goal of making it as easy as Minecraft but with more than just single blocks to design with.

The project takes inspiration from LEGO, aiming to replicate the open-ended play that both kids and adults love. However, unlike physical LEGO, doesn't suffer from issues like lost parts or high costs.

Open-Ended Play and Learning is designed for open-ended play, where users can express themselves by building rooms, creating interactive spaces like simple games, or even designing musical instruments that can be played with a click. The platform comes with 1,000 Voxel 3D objects that users can add and customize in their spaces. also has an educational aspect. It uses Lua, the same language used for coding in Roblox, which could help introduce younger users to coding concepts. While the rooms can be interconnected, there isn't much more that can be done with them after the design is complete besides sharing their URL with others. This was an intentional decision to keep the platform as safe as possible, avoiding issues that can arise with features like chat.

Camera mode has a really cool feature "Camera Mode". You can find it in the menu under the 3 dots on top right corner. Turning this on will give you the ability to fly around the room with free camera.

Camera Mode

When you in the Camera Mode:

  • Hold down the right mouse button and drag to look around.
  • Press the 'W' key to move forward, 'S' to move backward, 'A' to shift to the left, and 'D' to shift to the right!
  • While moving, hold the 'Shift' key for a speed boost!

Camera mode

Future Plans

The startup behind, Things Inc., raised $8 million from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and $2 million from various angel investors in 2021. They are currently considering several potential avenues for monetization, including selling objects for purchase, subscriptions, or licensing its software for education. They're also exploring the use of AI, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, to create AI-enabled objects and an AI tool to assist users in writing code for their objects.

The team is also looking into expanding these creations to the AR/VR platforms from Apple and Meta in the future. An iOS app that would serve as a companion for exploring the Rooms built by others is currently in development. is open for beta testing and is free to use.

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What is is a design platform that provides users with the functionality to create interactive 3D rooms in their browsers. Prior to, creating interactive 3D rooms required knowledge of programming languages like Lua and JavaScript. Now, with, creating 3D rooms is easy and accessible.

What is the purpose of

The purpose of is to provide an easy and efficient way for people to create interactive 3D rooms without requiring technical skills. The platform aims to make it easy for anyone to create engaging 3D designs affordably and quickly.

When was launched? was launched in 2021 as a startup company. The platform has gained popularity quickly and has received $10 million in seed funding.

Who is the co-founder of was co-founded by Jason. The company profile on Crunchbase lists Jason as the only co-founder.

How does work? is a browser-based tool that allows users to build 3D rooms by dragging and dropping objects onto a grid. Users can also edit the objects to create custom designs. The platform uses AI technology to make the design process more intuitive and offers a range of basic games that can be added to created spaces. Rooms created using can also be made interactive by adding functionality using Toff, another platform developed by

Is coding skills necessary to use

No, does not require coding skills to use. The platform offers an intuitive interface that allows users to design 3D rooms using simple drag and drop functionalities.

What kind of 3D design can be created with

With, users can create a variety of 3D designs, including rooms with specific decor, objects, and interactive elements. The platform also allows users to sell objects they have created.

How can rooms in your browser be made interactive?

Users can make rooms created on interactive by adding functionality using Toff. Toff allows developers to create interactive spaces, games, and applications using a Lua-based script editor. This adds another level of engagement to rooms created on

What are the features of provides users with a range of features that allow for customization and engagement.

Can rooms be customized in

Yes, rooms can be customized in Users can add objects to their designs or create their own objects, which can be edited and added to rooms as needed.

What is Toff and how is it related to

Toff is a platform developed by that allows developers to create interactive spaces, games, and applications. Toff can be used in conjunction with to add a new level of engagement to created rooms.

What is the target audience of

The target audience of is anyone who wants to create 3D rooms without coding skills. This includes designers, developers, and individuals who want to create engaging 3D designs in an affordable and efficient way.

Who are the investors of has received $10 million in seed funding prior to its launch. One of the investors is Andreessen Horowitz, also known as a16z, a venture capital firm.

What kind of objects can be added in rooms created with

Users can add a wide range of objects to rooms created on, including furniture, plants, and household objects. Objects can be edited and customized to suit individual design needs.

What is Andreessen Horowitz's involvement with

Andreessen Horowitz is one of the investors of and has shown support for the platform's vision. The involvement of a16z is a good indicator of the potential success of

How much funding has received? has received $10 million in seed funding prior to its launch.

Is a browser platform?

Yes, is a browser-based platform.

What sets apart from other platforms like Roblox? allows for simpler and editable objects and rooms, without the need for programming skills. It also emphasizes on creation of interactive activities rather than just games.

Are the rooms on interactive?

Yes, the rooms on are interactive.

Can I remix interactive rooms on

Yes, you can remix interactive rooms created by other users on

Has received any funding?

Yes, has received $10 million in seed funding.

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