Install Jupyter Notebook Ubuntu

Install Jupyter Notebook Ubuntu

Here are the steps to install Jupyter Notebook on Ubuntu:

  1. Update your system by running the following command in the terminal:
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
  1. Install Python3 and pip3 for Jupyter by running the following command:
sudo apt install python3-pip
  1. Upgrade pip and install Jupyter by running the following command:
sudo -H pip3 install --upgrade pip
sudo -H pip3 install jupyter
  1. Launch Jupyter Notebook by running the following command:
jupyter notebook

These steps are based on the instructions provided by [Linux Hint], [DigitalOcean], and [Saturn Cloud Blog]. Note that there are other ways to install Jupyter Notebook, such as using Anaconda or conda, but the above steps use pip, which is the recommended installation tool for Python according to the [official Jupyter website].


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